EMI/EMC filters for electronic equipment and measuring instruments

various options - multi purpose

We are working closely with selected manufacturers in China who have gathered development and manufacturing experience in these fields over many decades. Outstanding engineering teams ensure high development standards and excellent quality of our products, which are subject to the strictest quality control standards using advanced testing equipment. All companies are certified to ISO 9001:2015. Many of the products are VDE, UL, CSA certified and RoHS- compliant.

One of our core competences is the development of customized products according to your individual demands. Our high-performance and customer-focussed development teams are standing by to implement all your requirements in short time and with no extra cost as tailor-made new products.

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EMI/EMC power line filters

Our EMI power line filters cover a wide range of current and voltage rating, single- and three phase, single-, two- as well as multi stage filter layout, common and differential mode with low leakage current and high insertion loss. They are available with common connection types but also with customised connection designs.

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EMI-Filters for Shielded Rooms

Our filters for shielded rooms provide high performance, compact design and convenient installation. On demand, we can customise operating specifications such as current and AC or DC voltage rating.

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