powerline filters, capacitors, reactors


Off-the-shelf and custom-designed EMI filters covering a wide load range (0.5-2000A).

A variety of single- and three-phase AC/DC filters from 0.5A to 2000A are available or custom configurable. EMI filters are widely used in instruments and gauges, medical devices, electrical appliances, communications power supplies, frequency converters, elevators and transportation equipment as well as railway equipment.

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Software for geometry measurement and data processing

Point Cloud Measurement Wingtank Section

Point clouds | Photogrammetry | Laser scanning

Our digital technology supports every step of your data process and management: data acquisition and preparation, registration, target / actual comparison, reconstruction.

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Metralytica GmbH has moved its headquarter to Hamburg on July 1st, 2019.

From January 1, 2020, Metralytica will take over the business of the specialist supplier for electronic components for EMC, line filters and capacitors - Electronic Zeng.